About us

Beijing Hongsenmao Commercial Service Co., Ltd (HSM) is a private company founded in 2012 by formal director of MU, formal director & officer of CAAC and airlines family descendant. Main businesses are expanding around the aviation field, including China aviation solutions, CAAC procedures consultant, ticket sales, air charter, aircraft parts trading consultant, etc.

In 2013, HSM integrated media information and international-domestic trade advisory businesses, becoming an aviation industry based business service company with diversified business models.

HSM is dedicated to bring in high-quality foreign airlines for tourism to all levels of cities in China, providing more options and travel destinations for Chinese travelers by establishing direct schedule flight routes.

HSM is the partner of choice for foreign airlines operating or wish to operate in China, by offering solutions for local matters efficiently and effectively. We also offer the most comprehensive and stable Chinese outbound tourist market, generate stable revenue to airlines partners and local operators.

Through HSM, there’s no limit in the sky.

 Our Vision, Mission & Values